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About us

Our passion leads us

Headquartered in Reggio Emilia, Italy, Ognibene employed 219 people in 2003, during which time it earned its position as the global market leader in the field of off-highway power steering systems. In only ten years, employees have soared to 756, working in Italy and at the  locations in Brazil, China, India, United States, and Japan. Four manufacturing facilities and one sales representative office ensure the production of steering systems to the world’s largest manufacturers of tractors, excavators, material handling equipment, trucks, boats, machines for urban hygiene and other various applications. In 2012 Ognibene became the holding company controlling Ognibene Power, the company that supervises all industrial and productive activities in Reggio Emilia, Italy, and at the global locations in Caxias do Sul, Brazil, in Pune, India, and in Suzhou, China. The North American logistics and distribution branch in Charlotte, NC, will further develop its activities in the near future.

More than 700 employees in Italy, China, India, Brazil, Japan and the US
More than 1.2 million actuators produced each year

A multinational corporation acknowledged worldwide

Founded by Olmes Ognibene in 1953, today the company is still family-owned, and has become a multinational corporation under the management of Claudio Ognibene, President and CEO since 1975.
In 2003, the year of its 50th anniversary, Ognibene attained the status of top-leading manufacturer of steering actuators, thus ranking as one of the major global players in the field of hydrostatic power steering systems worldwide.
Today Ognibene’s production of actuators amounts to 1.7 million pieces per year.
From 1991 to 1995, the company’s sales volumes grew by 370%, while the number of employees doubled in the same period. Ognibene then began a program of investments for the internationalization of its activities, establishing rapidly developing branches all over the world.
The company’s success globally was largely due to its committed focus on power steering systems, reflecting the best practices of the automotive industry. This specialization is still at the core of the company’s new development plans today, along with its long-term innovation policy.
Since 2000, the company has been concentrated on the globalization of its activities.
The first step, in 2005, was the launch of the production plant in Brazil; the factory in India opened the following year, while the production facility in China became operational in 2007. In 2010 a logistics and distribution office was established in the US. In order to further develop its commercial and after-sales network, at the beginning of 2014 Opower K. K. was established in Osaka, Japan.
Ognibene Power supplies the world's leading manufacturers of on and off-highway vehicles, specializing in power steering systems and mechatronic components for agricultural and construction machinery. It also ranks at the highest level in the global market as a significant supplier of power steering systems for forklifts, road cleaning vehicles, gardening equipment and boats. The company relies on advanced research and state-of-the art development departments, as well as endurance test departments and testing fields for vehicles.
The great flexibility and reliability achieved in the manufacturing processes allows full product customization for personalized requests on the part of the client.
In 2011 the organizational model O-WCM (Ognibene World Class Manufacturing) was introduced in the production processes to reach ZERO MUDA and zero defects. The certifications obtained (ISO 9001 in 1999, ISO 14001 in 2009 and OHSAS 18001 ) all confirm the company’s continuous efforts to reach excellence and guarantee product reliability.
Great attention has also been given to environmental sustainability, with actions aimed at energy conservation and minimal impact on the natural environment. The company’s commitment to energy efficiency was enhanced in 2010/2011 through the installation of a photovoltaic system in the production plant in Italy. This power generating system has a capacity of 0.6 MW and so far has produced nearly 2 million kWh, the equivalent of the annual consumption of 620 houses.
During the last decade, Ognibene’s turnover has increased from 38 to almost 100 million euros, which had been forecasted for 2013 (+260%), with 67% of sales to foreign customers. The company’s profitability along with its capitalization steadily support both ongoing and future investments, including significant investments into human capital development.
The 736 associates at Ognibene (254 of whom are employed in the subsidiaries abroad) are therefore offered continuous training programs to increasingly qualify a workforce growing rapidly and working with passion.

Ognibene Power in Italy is associated to ANFIA (National Association of the Automotive Industry).