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Environment & Health

Our green policy

Ognibene has been pursuing a policy of energy conservation and environmental sustainability for many years. Today the company’s commitment to energy efficiency has been further enhanced through the installation of a photovoltaic system in the productive plant in Italy. This power generating system has a capacity of 0.6 MW, the equivalent of the consumption of 570 houses in terms of renewable energy. Moreover, regarding heating, the current installation of condensing boilers ensures energy savings up to 30%.


Environmental policy

The present generations’ needs for a comfortable quality of life cannot sacrifice the rights of the generations to come, who deserve to live on a healthy and safe planet: nature is a heritage that belongs to everyone and Ognibene is firmly committed to defend it and eliminate waste.

The company, a leader in the production of hydraulic components, has adopted principles of social responsibility and sustainable development in the pursuit of its business goals. Therefore, the challenge consists in integrating the demands towards the preservation of our natural environment with steady economic growth. Ognibene is making serious efforts to pursue excellence in every step of the company’s production processes with little or no negative impact on the natural environment.
To this end and to keep the production constantly under control, Ognibene is implementing these guidelines:

  • Respect of all laws and regulations, as a minimum
  • Acknowledgement and satisfaction of the expectations of all involved parties
  • Reduction of noise pollution
  • Implementation of a separate collection system for solid and liquid wastes to ensure appropriate disposal
  • Clean-up of industrial emissions
  • Continuous decrease of the negative impacts on nature through specific annual goals
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Collective application of the rule “reduce, reuse, recycle”
  • Careful control in the consumption of energy and raw materials
  • Prompt identification of problems and eradication at the source

According to Ognibene, the tool allowing the realization of environmental sustainability while pursuing its productive needs is the “Environmental Managing System”. This system puts together the idea of a sustainable and conscious innovation with the concept of continuous improvement. It operates on the basis of:

  • PEOPLE, prepared and aware of each other’s role
  • ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE, which shows a clear assignment of roles and responsibilities
  • DOCUMENTED OPERATIVE METHODOLOGIES, simple, effective procedures aiming at reducing excessive waste
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES within the production processes
  • REPORTS of the activities carried out referring to environmental sustainability
  • AUDIT on the system with regular internal and external checks

To win this daily challenge Ognibene considers it fundamental to:

  • Promote a new consciousness of environmental issues while enhancing the campaign of environmental sustainability and training among the entire personnel and company’s partners
  • Involve the company’s own suppliers in the pursuit of similar goals
  • Promote collaboration with the Local Authorities


The logistics policy adopted by Ognibeneis fully recognized by all workers, from the top management right down to the simple operators.

The goal is total customer satisfaction, which is to be achieved through the implementation of the principles of the World Class Manufacturing program: delivery of flawless products on time and in the exact quantity requested by the customer by increasing production flexibility and eliminating waste in all business areas.

Safety Policies

- Introduction of the Defibrillator

- Introduction of the Seismograph