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Working at Ognibene

Valuable people

"We work and have always worked driven by the ambition of pursuing excellence in what we love doing."
Olmes Ognibene – Founder of Ognibene



Human capital is an essential feature for any company called to be competitive at the highest levels of the global industry. The identification and development of talents is an unquestioned priority for us, as we believe people to be a key factor in our continued success. The achievement of excellence in a rapidly changing market requires a solid know-how and a continuous training for managers, technicians, and operators alike. This is achieved through ongoing educational programs in all areas, thus offering concrete opportunities for personal and professional growth.
Ognibene’s diversification and steady development open up job opportunities in many different professional areas, offering at the same time numerous, cross-functional and geographical job opportunities abroad. This undoubtedly contributes to making the working experience more enriching and rewarding from a personal as well as a professional standpoint through a process of “cross-fertilization” between different people, cultures and locations.
Working at Ognibene means therefore working in a multicultural environment, where teams operate within a context that values heterogeneity and faces technological challenges in the hydraulic sector worldwide.



How to join Ognibene Power

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