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ITS Exhibition 3 - From Officine Reggiane to today

On Saturday, February 17th at 11:00 a.m., the "ITS Exhibition 3 - From Officine Reggiane to today" exhibition has been inaugurated at Spazio Gerra (piazza XXV Aprile, 2 in Reggio Emilia). This is the third edition of this show project involving 40 students From the ITS Maker Foundation.

It was a work of historical and technological reconstruction that celebrated the final chapter of the entire exhibition, which opened on November, 18th 2017 and which brought over 8,000 visitors to admire the resources from Reggiane Manufacturing.

After last season study of the 4.0 Industry the students, supported by the Spazio Gerra teachers Mr.  Lorenzo Immovilli, Mrs. Stefania Carretti and Mr. Luca Crotti and supported by the pool of partner companies of the project like Argo Tractors, Bema, Eletric80, Cate, Kohler, IRS, Ognibene Power, Reggiana Riduttori, STU Reggiane and Walvoil (Interpump Group) - have deeply researched into the historical, industrial and social ground of the city, projecting it into the present.

Our company has been involved into the teamwork group for the production process of the Officine Reggiane, proposed as internal and external production, the Make or Buy, the advantages and disadvantages of yesterday and today. An assessment between the production chains of the present and the internal production of the past.