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Continuos improvement

O-WCM - Continuous Improvement Process

Ognibene has always been committed to an ongoing effort to improve production processes, quality, manufacturing technology and production efficiency, with special attention to safety.
In 2011, the Company decided to adhere to the WCM renewal program (World Class Manufacturing) to achieve excellence in logistics and production flows, as well as continual improvement towards higher levels of competitiveness worldwide.
World Class Manufacturing sums up the entire line of development which has not only led Ognibene to steadily take up the position of world leading manufacturer of steering actuators, but also to become one of the major global players in the steering unit market.
The process of development of O-WCM began in 2011 when the company decided to revolutionize its 1991 improvement plan known as “ops” (Ognibene Production System), by further enhancing lean production and quality principles.
Currently O-WCM procedures are intensively applied at the parent company in Reggio Emilia and will be progressively extended to the subsidiaries abroad. Ognibene is thus determined to:

  • apply rigorous processes
  • maximize specific working tools
  • involve the entire company’s associates

Safety: Ognibene is constantly focused on safety, the main goal being ZERO injuries in the workplace through preventive actions and proactive attitudes. Ognibene believes in the importance of involving its people according to their competences and personal know-how.
Dedicated working teams carry out all activities and programs with the aim of progressive improvement. The teams first focus on attacking critical areas or activities, and consequently extend successful practices to the entire plant.
The goal is a continuous improvement process to be extended to the engineering department as well as the suppliers, based on a shared partnership. The first step in implementing the O-WCM continuous improvement program involved almost 500 employees. The outcome has been positive and inspiring, also thanks to tools like the “Suggestion System”, whereby all employees can contribute with their suggestions to improving the production system, thus driving the business constantly forward with their innovative ideas. It is our belief that growing participation and mutual sharing of common goals is the right path to achieve high performances.
Ognibene’s ultimate goal remains a guarantee of excellence and maximum reliability to the clients.
The Company’s Management is the first representative organ of the O-WCM program responsible for the involvement of employees at any level.
Through audits performed by the clients on an annual basis, the Ognibene O-WCM production system aims to lead the group to World-Class level.

Winners with O-WCM

By the end of 2014, Ognibene has set the goal to double the O-WCM score in its Reggio Emilia factory, having its people 100% involved in at least one O-WCM training activity.