Ognibene defines how the company is different from other organizations in its industry for a successful business. Its vision is where the company wants to be in the future, its mission is what the company needs to do now to achieve the vision and its value is what the company believes in and how people are expected to behave with each other, with customers and suppliers and with other stakeholders.

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs worldwide. Maintaining awareness of the environment and our local community, we strive to ensure our company’s growth and achievements. We are dedicated to creating and developing long-lasting relationships, offering superior customer services to support our world-class products.


Our guidelines are:

  • Team work in every aspect of the organization
  • Continuous improvement in every phase of our activity
  • Prevention as opposed to the correction of problems
  • Mutual trust at every level of our business

Ognibene Power SpA is a first-class hydraulic manufacturer, a customer-driven supplier of high-quality products and services, determined to hold its leading role on the market and assure expansion through its profit.

At Ognibene we intend to continue expanding our business globally, focusing our competitive edge on evolving our innovative technologies as well as enhancing our strategic role in the market.

We believe in the deep collaboration of our teams to achieve further excellence for the future.

Our values represent the ideals we believe in, are the basis for our daily decisions and reflect who we are in the surrounding environment.
In the following concepts we have identified what differentiates us and what we believe all our employees and partners should be guided by:
• Passion
• Integrity
• Quality
• Commitment
• Innovation
The involvement of every business area is fundamental in order to achieve outstanding results and to improve and innovate continuously.
Thanks to the steady commitment and the passion that characterize each Ognibene employee, the Company is able to propose to its Customers quality products, with the aim to reach zero defects and zero waste goals.