We are the steering people and we pursue a challenge greater than technology.
To be the inspiration for future generations.

Driving the future since 1953

This is what we do

Hydraulic cylinders and steering units for off-highway vehicles, automotive and marine applications

The steering system is the heart of a vehicle


The quality of the system you install affects:


• the machine’s performance and operation
• the driver and passenger’s safety and comfort


For 70 years, Ognibene Power has been researching and manufacturing innovative steering system solutions for farm tractors, earth movers, forklifts, compact garden equipment, trucks, cars and marine vessels.

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Ognibene Power

Our product range

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Innovative products for steering systems

Ognibene Power pushes the envelope of innovation with digital steering systems, optical position sensors and electromechanical steering actuators.

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Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders automate the entire driving process, making it effortless for drivers to turn the steering wheel. These devices convert hydraulic energy into linear motion and deliver high power density.

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Hydraulic steering

Steering units provide simple and reliable directional control of the vehicle, in any condition. They can be installed in small and large vehicles alike and are fully customizable.

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Steering Column Kits

MMX-manufactured steering column kits connect the steering unit to the steering wheel and are a great way to save on costs and installation time. They are modular and customizable and can be fitted to a wide variety of vehicles.

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You know you have a quality product in your hands when the spare parts and responsiveness of the after-sales service are high-quality too. Ognibene Power uses its extensive technical knowledge of hydraulic linear actuation systems to support customers with routine maintenance and problem resolution.


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Innovation and sustainability
are the pillars of our multinational company,
a Reggio Emilian at its core



Olmes Ognibene founded his tractor and agricultural machinery manufacturing business in 1953 in Correggio, a small Reggio Emilia province town in Italy.


From those modest beginnings, he brought the company to what it is today. Ognibene Power has now over 1,700 employees, designing and developing hydraulic steering system components (cylinders and steering units) for the international market.


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picture of a young Olmes Ognibene in the uniform of the Royal Italian Navy
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Nature is our inheritance, it belongs to us all. Ognibene Power drives for excellence every day to safeguard nature and cut down on wastage. How?


We constantly invest in research and development to provide customers functional and high-performance products.


As part of our continuous efforts to streamline our logistic and production workflows, we adopted the World Class Manufacturing model of enterprise renewal.


We run our operations in compliance with the standards of the UNI EN ISO 9001 (Quality), 14001 (Environment) and 45001 (Safety) certifications, the Ecovadis sustainability rating, and the 231 organizational model.


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Ognibene Power has its roots in the Italian city of Reggio Emilia, where it is headquartered in the new Mancasale industrial park, a modern hub built under the city’s new economic development model.


Reggio Emilia is right in Motor Valley, home to Italy’s most famous sports car and motorcycle makers and a land of skill, culture and passion. This is the atmosphere we breathed over the years and that led us to become the multinational organization known around the world for its design, development and manufacture of hydraulic steering system components.


Ognibene now has manufacturing facilities in Brazil, India, China and the U.S. and branch offices in Japan and Germany, and holds a strong track record of excellence in quality and innovation.


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Join the team
at Ognibene Group


Come be a part of a multi-cultural team that embraces diversity and believes in the potential of the cross-pollination process in promoting the exchange and building of innovative ideas. It’s time to take up the challenge and work in the mobile hydraulic industry, a fast-paced world where managers, engineers and operators are united by one common goal: solidify their know-how of hydraulic linear actuation systems to bring drivers and passengers the highest level of comfort.


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