All Ognibene production plants have always been committed to an ongoing effort to improve production processes, quality, manufacturing technology and production efficiency, with special attention to safety.


The Manufacturing Engineering requires the ability to plan the manufacturing practices, to research and to develop tools, processes, machines and equipments; and to integrate the facilities and systems in order to efficiently produce quality products.

Our process engineers are daily committed to reviewing production techniques and researching advanced, efficient and economical technological systems.

The manufacturing facilities ensure the production of steering systems to the world’s largest manufacturers of tractors, excavators, material handling equipment, trucks, boats, machines for urban hygiene and other various applications.

The employees are involved in continuous improvement and activities focused on achieving higher standards of safety, quality and customer satisfaction.


Specialized technicians have the task of facilitating and monitoring production processes. he specific technical competence in manufacturing processes is combined with appropriate training and a clear definition of responsibilities and tasks.

The Welding coordinator and the Technicians of metallurgical laboratory, for example, are of indispensable support for a quality production.