Ognibene production plants pursue reduction target of defects, rejects, rework and, therefore, costs of non-quality, diffusion of problem-solving skills and increase of the proposals of improvement of product quality to guarantee customer satisfaction.


All Ognibene production plants are certified ISO 9001.

The Quality Assurance guarantees the maintenance of certification and the continuous update of Manual and Procedures.

In the WCM program, the Quality Assurance follows directly the QC Pillar – Quality Control – and applies all the methodology to reach the goal of ZERO DEFECTS, quality at the FIRST place combining quality at competitivity.

We are responsible for identifying and defining quality problems, perform root cause analysis to establish corrective actions and define solutions before to delivery to the customer.

Quality group engineers are creative problem solvers using the problem-solving specific tools : 5W and 1H, 5 why’s, 4M analysis.

We guarantee quality control with reliable and technological tools: three-dimensional, roundness, profilometer, micro hardness IRHD, etc.


We create partnerships with customers and suppliers to guarantee an adequate level of service.

SQE & CUSTOMER QUALITY ENGINEER are the technician liaison between quality department, product engineering, manufacturing, sales and purchasing.

The Supplier Quality Engineer works with the suppliers to solve suppliers-manufacturing issues, by implementing and monitoring advanced quality planning systems.

The Customer Quality Engineer follows quality audit and any other request of the customer