The company grew over the years investing in the product development process.

Innovation increases the wealth of knowledge and implements applied research and development projects.

Ognibene's product engineering refers to the product design and development process.

Teamwork, professional and technical skills, creativity and dedication make the technical department an area appreciated by customers.

Ognibene Power offers tailor-made solutions to all of its customers thanks to its long-established experience in the last 60 years of activity.

Innovation is one of our values.

In the R&D area new products are developed in line with business strategies.

The team is made up of people with a spirit of initiative and strong results orientation.

New projects’ quality is guaranteed by several advancement tests on prototypes and by continuous examinations of process and materials, all contributing to ensure the final product integrity.

Controls and performance tests through procedures such as ENDURANCE (dynamic test), HIGH PRESSURE (Bursting Test), PULSAR (static and acceleration test), MUD TEST.

The “PV&V” team is responsible to define the test sequence, the scheduling of the validation and verification activities.