CSR and sustainability

foto che ritrae Cristina Ognibene, vice presidente / photo portraying Cristina Ognibene, vice president

«With the ESG program, Ognibene embarked on the journey to sustainability, social and corporate governance according to best practices, taking a proactive part in the environmental challenges and social changes of our time.»


Cristina Ognibene

Ognibene Power’s ESG commitment for a better and sustainable future

Passion and hard work have fueled the growth of our company.


For us, business responsibility and sustainability are not abstract concepts or a fleeting trend. We walk our talk every day because these are values deeply rooted in our company’s culture.


The extraordinary events of the last few years have transformed the economic and social landscape. The pandemic experience, the post-pandemic phase, conflicts, scarcity of raw materials and high energy prices have forced people and businesses to rethink their values in work and life.


Our response to ESG matters reflects our dedication to building a company that wants to achieve more than economic success; we also care about creating a positive impact by safeguarding the local region and community.


As part of our commitment to encompass environmental and social factors in the company’s guiding and development policies, we disclosed our economic, social and environmental performance in 2022 in our first Sustainability Report.


In a time of warp speed change and pressing environmental and social challenges, Ognibene Power is determined to take its place in building a better future for everyone by adapting to and being an agent for change.

Protecting the environment and culture of inclusivity


Protecting the environment is one of our top priorities.
We recently took another step forward by renovating our headquarters to maximize energy efficiency, embracing our responsibility to the resources of our planet.


However, we didn’t stop there. We have also gone big on photovoltaic panels to power our systems and lower emissions.


Inclusivity and gender equality are more than an ethical choice for us; we believe they are a crucial key to our success.


However, being a global company operating on an international scale also comes with responsibility: caring for the well-being of our employees and showing respect for other cultures.


Despite our growth, we remained true to the inclusive nature of our community, embracing the diversity and uniqueness of each individual.
The large number of young college graduates and women who have chosen to build a professional career in our company is further evidence of our cultural openness.


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EcoVadis silver medal winner

The way we conduct business has a direct impact on the environment, the community and the economy. Through our actions, we can contribute to creating a more sustainable world and give future generations the possibility to make their desires and projects a reality.


In 2023, the Ognibene Power headquarters in Reggio Emilia was awarded the EcoVadis silver medal for the actions taken to uphold the values and principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Product quality and the safety of people

For the team and leadership at Ognibene Power, quality means taking action to ensure the company performs at the peak of its potential and meets the needs of customers through the highest level of service.


Talking about the quality of a product may seem unoriginal today. However, identifying the strategy that combines continuous improvement of systems and processes and constant added value input requires skill and staying ahead of market trends.


Our quality policies rest on regular and specific training for our employees and managers, aimed at:

・fostering quality awareness and engagement
・combining business growth and a responsible approach to the environment by minimizing our impact and keeping it in check
・documenting and standardizing procedures and operational methods to keep excellence levels high and the number of waste products low
・monitoring performance through regular internal auditing.


As a company that puts the wellbeing of its people front and center, we take workplace safety seriously. It’s not just a legal requirement.


We firmly believe that employee engagement is critical to this mission so we make sure everyone contributes by bringing in their own skills and know-how.


Our goal is to achieve an accident-free workplace through preventive and proactive actions, not corrective ones.


This is why we created safety work teams, whose duty is to ensure that the activities to avoid unsafe situations and practices are performed on a regular basis.


The methodology is based, first and foremost, on prevention, prioritizing the most critical areas and then extending best practices to the rest of the plant.


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