Documents and certifications

Ognibene Power’s ethical commitment

As a corporate body, we have responsibilities toward customers, partners, suppliers, and the local community.


To make our commitment to contribute to the social and economic development of the local area tangible, in compliance with regulations and in alignment with the principles of loyalty and fairness, we chose a concrete tool: the Italian “231 Model”.

231 Model and Code of Ethics

In compliance with the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 on the administrative responsibility of legal entities, Ognibene Power adopted the 231 Organizational, Management and Control model to prevent commission of the offenses contemplated in the decree.


The 231 Model provides for the implementation of a preventive control system broken down into specific operational protocols that, combined with the existing implemented procedures, serve as a guide for entities that entertain relations with our company and are in charge of company processes believed to be most at risk.


As required by the regulation, a Supervisory Body has been put in place comprising the following members: Marilena La Grotteria, Stefano Domenichini and Lucilla Vismara (internal member). The supervisory body is in charge of:

・overseeing the implementation of the 231 Model
・updating the model
・monitoring its effectiveness and compliance with control processes.


The 231 Model also provides for a Code of Ethics, an essential tool to spread knowledge of the values guiding the company.


Readily accessible to all employees and anyone involved with the company, the Code of Ethics contains the guidelines and standards that inspire Ognibene Power.


These principles of conduct promote professional integrity at work by guiding the actions within the workplace and governing the decision-making process.


Download the Code of Ethics

Supplier Code of Conduct

Ognibene Power has a Supplier Code of Conduct in place defining the principles and rules of conduct that must be complied with by the entire supply chain, for sustainable business in every context.


All dealings within the team and any third party must be based on lawfulness, honesty, fairness, equality, confidentiality, impartiality, moral integrity, transparency and sustainability.


Download the Supplier Code of Conduct

Certifications held by Ognibene Power

The relationships with our customers and suppliers are grounded on trust. Trust is at the heart of our daily commitment to comply with procedures and standards. That is why we walk our talk with integrity and put in the work it takes to obtain all the needed certifications from the relevant bodies and renew them each year.