The Ognibene eRCSA is a redundant electromechanical steering actuator for on road off-highway vehicles, equipped with an integrated optical absolute rod position sensor (optional).
This cutting-edge solution was designed as possible replacement for hydraulic steering cylinders. The presence of a dual 3 phase PMSM provides the redundancy for the steering function: should occur a failure of one of the motors, the electrical actuator is able to steer as well by overloading the other motor.
eRCSA can be efficiently and smoothly driven from zero to max speed and was developed to meet AgPLe performance level (ISO25119/EN16590).
Key features:

  • High efficiency compared to hydraulic solutions
  • Battery saving compared to a typical hydraulic or electro-hydraulic steering actuator (the saving amount depends on the duty cycle)
  • Smart and programmable electronic control with synthetic boost curve
  • Variable/programmable steering ratio (Fast Steering)
  • Comfort and agility at low speeds
  • Stability and accuracy at high speeds
  • New safety features (e.g. steering angle reduction according to speed or other vehicle parameters)
  • Automatic realignment of the wheels and the steering wheel in forward and reverse
  • Multifunctional steering wheel
  • Quick installation, lower labor costs
  • High reliability system (e.g. there is no pressurized oil, maintenance is reduced, etc.)
  • Advanced fault detection system
  • Free programmable smart steering rules
  • Easy auto guidance integration (GPS)
  • Different steering input devices available (e.g. steering wheel with encoder/joystick/mini-wheel)
  • Free placement of input device and enhanced driver ergonomics