D. Lgs. n. 231/2001 and Supervisory Board


Ognibene Power S.p.A. has adopted an Organizational, n. aimed to prevent the commission of crimes, according to the D. Lgs. n. 231/2001. This regulation refers to Companies and Institutions’s administrative liability agains a list of felonies specified by the law.

The above mentioned Model involves the implementation of a precautionary control system structured in particular operating protocols that, together with the already existing procedures, serve the purpose of leading the work activities of the individuals who play a role in the most risky business processes and have relationships with the Society in general.

Furthermore, the Model represents a tool through which the Company committs to the completion of its Mission, providing its contribution to the socio-economic development of its Country and citizens, in accordance with law, integrity and fair play principles.

Pursuant to Art. 6 of D. Lgs. n. 231/2001, Ognibene Power S.p.A. has appointed a Supervisory Board aimed to oversee the execution of the Organizational, Management and Control Model, taking care of possible updates, monitoring the functioning and implementation of the control process.

The Supervisory Board is composed of Ing. Marilena La Grotteria, Avv. Stefano Domenichini and the internal member Dott.ssa Lucilla Vismara.

Code of Ethics


As an essential tool to spread the knowledge of the Company values, Ognibene Power Code of Ethics includes a set of principles of conduct that guide decision making and behavior, promoting professional integrity.

The purpose of the Code is to provide members and stakeholders with guidelines for making ethical choices in the conduct of their work, share a dedication to ethical behavior and declare principles and standards of practice.

Supplier Code of Conduct


Respect for the principles of legality, honesty, fairness, equality, confidentiality, good repute, transparency and sustainability is applied within Ognibene Power and in relation with third parties.

Therefore, the Company has decided to adopt a Supplier Code of Conduct to define the principles and the rules of conduct which must be executed in compliance with the supply chain in order to ensure a sustainable business.