foto di Cristina Ognibene e Claudio Ognibene al Family Day 2023 / photo of Cristina Ognibene and Claudio Ognibene at Family Day 2023

Family Day Ognibene Power: a 70-year history.

An event dedicated to employees and their families, because it is from a family that our story began: on Saturday, September 16, we celebrated our 70th anniversary, an occasion to thank all the people who are the driving force behind Ognibene Power and who every day contribute to the company’s growth.

It was May 10, 1953: on that day Olmes Ognibene, our founder, signed the Reggio Emilia Chamber of Commerce business register and began working with his wife Amneris by his side in the small “Officina Meccanica Ognibene Olmes” in Fosdondo near Correggio (Reggio Emilia).

Today, after 70 years, that company has become a multinational corporation that ranks among the leading players in the production of components for hydraulic and mechatronic steering systems for agriculture, material handling, construction, and suspension systems for luxury sports cars.

At the Family Day, in addition to the people working at the Italian headquarters, those working in Brazil, India, China, the U.S., Japan and Germany were also present to represent the more than 1,700 employees worldwide.

Luca Vecchi, mayor of Reggio Emilia, brought his greetings accompanied by a very valuable message for us: “Companies like Ognibene hold together a local value system with a daily global international projection through the creation of talent, research, innovation and the overall improvement of both product and labor qualities.”


The 100th anniversary of Olmes Ognibene

The year 2023 is particularly significant for the Ognibene family: this very year, in fact, Olmes would have turned 100 years old.

And to remember how important Olmes’ legacy is, Unindustria Reggio Emilia President Roberta Anceschi and director Vanes Fontana presented Claudio and Cristina Ognibene with the celebratory Homo Faber statue by Graziano Pompili during Family Day, emphasizing that “It is before everyone’s eyes the commitment made by founder Olmes and Claudio and Cristina to bring the Group to the excellence it is today.”

In addition, to celebrate the values and determination of our founder, we have decided to award for the academic year 2023-2024 a scholarship worth 5 thousand euros to a student in the 1st year of Mechatronics Engineering at UNIMORE.


Innovative products and sustainability: future plans for Ognibene Power

We have always invested in research and development because it is thanks to the team in this department that was established in 1989 that today we have 42 patent families and 9 brand families.

We will continue to do so, as well as invest resources in training people, strengthening production units, developing innovative products such as DPS – Digital Power Steering, safety and sustainability.

We feel that we are an active and proactive participant in environmental challenges and social change: this is why we have integrated ESG values into our business strategies, producing our first sustainability report and supporting the planting of Esploworld, an eco family park located just outside Reggio Emilia.