Based in the Emilian motor valley, district of excellence in northern Italy, Ognibene Power has always been manufacturing steering systems for tractors, handling machines and forklifts.

Now the Company is one of the five finalists in the twelfth edition of the Mechatronic Award 2018. 


«Our sector has always been characterized by a power steering system whose patent was filed by Charlson Lynn as far back as 1958. It is an hydraulic system, easy and comfortable to use, but not completely smart, since it doesn't foresee any automation and the driver on board is busy in controlling the steering wheel. We as Ognibene Power have developed and exhibited an innovative electronical system, named DPS - Digital Power Steering.» says Claudio Ognibene. «This cutting-edge product integrates the traditional steering system of off-highway vehicles, improving its maneauverability and enabling the use of GPS, joy-sticks or mini-wheels, without any additional tool. The driving experience is enhanced, while the steering wheel is more stable and soft».


For deeper information, take a look at DPS link:  


During the Mechatronic Italian Award prize-giving ceremony, promoted by Unindustria Reggio Emilia in cooperation with Nòva.Tech - Il Sole 24 Ore, Club Meccatronica and Community Group on Monday, December 10th, President and CEO Mr. Claudio Ognibene (in the picture: second one on the right) got the award as “2018 Finalist”.