New welding process certification 

In our manufacturing process the welding procedure plays an essential role, as almost the whole Ognibene Power product range foresees the presence of welded surfaces.
Unless otherwise noted on the product drawing, our welding process is in most cases automatic and mechanical, assisted by robot cells or controlled axis welding positioners.
ISO 3834 specifies the necessary quality requirements for welding processes that happen through metallic materials melting.
These requirements involve the product quality, therefore the norm provides a method to show the capability of a manufacturer to fabricate products of specific and certified quality.
Even if Ognibene Power isn't included among the sectors that compulsory require this certification, the Company decided to voluntarily join the certification program, in order to define and preserve welding quality and safety.
In January 2019, following up the audit of the Certification Body Tec Eurolab, Ognibene Power got the related certificate for the manufacturing of hydraulic steering and lift actuators for off-highway vehicles according to internal or Customers' specifications.
For deeper information, please take a look at our Company Documents.