Ognibene Power has always been committed to an ongoing effort to improve production processes, quality, manufacturing technology and production efficiency, with particular attention to safety.
In 2011 the Company Headquarters have decided to adhere to the WCM (World Class Manufacturing) program to achieve excellence levels in production and logistics flows, as well as continuous improvement in quality, flexibility, costs and customer service, towards higher levels of competitiveness worldwide.

It is clear that such a goal can be reached only through the cooperation of each Company area, function, worker, employee and that requires a new education process for everyone.

The O-WCM development process began when the Company decided to revolutionize its 1991 Improvement Plan, known as OPS (Ognibene Production System), in order to further enhance the lean production concept and the quality principles.
Currently the O-WCM procedures are intensively applied at the Reggio Emilia Headquarters and will be progressively extended to all the subsidiaries abroad. Next goals in the near future are:

• Pursue prevention instead of correction as problem solving strategy;
• Maximize and extend the application of optimal working tools in the whole Parent Company;
• Involve in the program all Company’s branches and employees, both blue and white collars;