Ognibene Power first ESG report cover

Ognibene Power launches its first ESG report

Ognibene Power publishes the 2022 Sustainability Report.

At Ognibene, attention to the environment, the local community and the well-being of employees are priorities.

Cristina Ognibene declares: «With the ESG program, Ognibene embarked on the journey to sustainability, social and corporate governance according to the best practices, taking a proactive part in the environmental challenges and social changes of our time».

The 2022 Sustainability Report includes information relating to the period from 01/01/2022 to 31/12/2022, displaying where possible data relating to the three-year period 2020 – 2022.

The strategic choice was to draw up the first Sustainability Report according to the principles of national and international best practices.

The structure of the document and its contents, in fact, comply with the international principles “GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Standards”.

The chapters that make up the report are five in total. The first explores the company’s identity, the second the social dimension, the third the environmental dimension and the fourth the economic dimension. The last chapter is dedicated to the definition of improvement objectives.

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