picture of the Ecovadis silver medal / immagine della medaglia d'argento Ecovadis

Ognibene Power receives Ecovadis silver medal.

Sustainability for the Ognibene Power team is not just an abstract slogan.

When a company chooses to be sustainable, it does so knowing that it will have to take concrete action to have a positive impact on the environment and the community, empowering future generations to live in a world where they will have the resources to be able to realize their plans and ambitions.

As a testament to our commitment to embrace a business model that embraces ESG values, we received the Ecovadis Silver Medal.

What is this about?

Ecovadis – a widely recognized independent international provider of sustainability assessment – through a rigorous certification process analyzed our business practices on the topics:

  • environment,
  • labor practices and human rights,
  • ethics and sustainable purchasing.

Once the company’s performance was analyzed by verifying all the required processes and parameters, it returned to us a report from which it is possible to understand what our strengths and opportunities for improvement are, year after year.

If you want to know in detail all the actions Ognibene Power puts in place for sustainability, you can download our first ESG report in the CSR and Sustainability section.