Ognibene Power

foto che ritrae Olmes Ognibene / photo portraying Olmes Ognibene

«My work has always been about research. Everything I did over these 60 years of business was to ease the operator’s work.»

The history of Ognibene Power:
from small workshop in Correggio, Italy to top of the global mobile hydraulic market



La famiglia Ognibene sul palco del 70esimo anniversario

After 70 years of business, Claudio (President), his sister Cristina (Vice-president), and his daughter Irene (member of the Board of Directors) continue to embody the values of the company. Thought of as a family when Olmes started it, the company has passed down the legacy from generation to generation with its heart grounded on Olmes’ teachings and its gaze on the future.


Ognibene's team in Rajpura Punjab / Il team di Ognibene a Rajpura nello stato indiano del Punjab

India’s second production plant is inaugurated in Punjab


Vista aerea quartier generale ognibene / aerials view Ognibene Power headquarters

Today, Ognibene is an Italian-owned company and among the world’s top manufacturers of hydraulic and mechatronic steering systems, serving OEMs in the agricultural, material handling and construction equipment sectors. The company also makes suspension systems for luxury sports cars.



vista aerea della città di Neu Ulm sede della filiale tedesca / aerial view of the city of Neu Ulm headquarters of the German branch

Opower Deutschland GmbH is established in Germany


vista aerea della città di Osaka sede della filiale giapponese / aerial view of the city of Osaka headquarters of the Japanese branch

This is the year of the establishment of the second foreign representative office, this time in Japan.


Olmes Ognibene at the 60th anniversary / Olmes Ognibene al 60esimo anniversario

Founder Olmes Ognibene celebrates with the entire team the 60th anniversary of the company’s foundation.


The Ognibene USA office / l'ufficio di Ognibene USA

The production subsidiary in North Carolina (USA) is opened



Ognibene Power team in Jiaxing China / il team di Ognibene Power a Jiaxing in Cina

Started production in China in Suzhou then moved to Jiaxing.


Ognibene Power India's team / il team indiano di Ognibene Power

India’s first production plant is inaugurated in Pune.


Brasil Ognibene team / Team di Ognibene Brasile

The company opens its first foreign production subsidiary in Brazil.


50th anniversary of Ognibene Power foundation / 50esimo anniversario dalla fondazione di Ognibene Power

This is the year in which we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company’s foundation.


Le sedi di Ognibene nel mondo / Ognibene locations around the world

The company embarked on its expansion into foreign markets, establishing new production subsidiaries in Brazil, India (in Pune and Rajpura), China and North Carolina, and two representative offices in Japan and Germany.



Ritaglio di giornale della Fiat dedicato a Ognibene / Fiat private journal dedicates an article to Ognibene Power

Fiat celebrates its partnership with Ognibene Power by dedicating an article in its corporate magazine.


rendering di cilindri idraulici / rendering of hydraulic cylinders

It was precisely the components for hydraulic steering systems (actuators and hydroguides) for off-highway vehicles that determined the company’s growth in the 1990s and gave it the fundamental impetus to enter the international market in the 2000s.



Claudio began to build on the legacy of that first hydraulic system Olmes had created and went on to develop two generations of hydraulic cylinders, a move that defined the identity of Ognibene Power from that point on.



foto di Claudio Ognibene e della sua segretaria negli anni Settanta / photo of Claudio Ognibene and his secretary in the 1970s

Olmes gets his son Claudio involved in the company; he was a minor at the time (a 15-year-old student) but judicial emancipation is granted and he is able to sign legal documents and work proactively alongside his father.


foto del team di Ognibene negli anni Sessanta / photo of Ognibene's team in the 1960s

In the Seventies, Olmes took a number of important decisions that changed the trajectory of his company and ultimately propelled it to the forefront of the mobile hydraulic industry:
・He fabricates a hydraulic system for a plow and starts to explore the possibilities of hydraulic technology.



Marino, Olmes Ognibene's father, and his elder sister, Wilma, intent on working in the company / Marino il padre e Wilma la sorella maggiore di Olmes lavorano in azienda

During the early years Olmes, with his wife Amneris at his side, concentrated on the handcrafted production of tractors and small agricultural machines. But the company was soon transformed and, interpreting the demands of a market that Olmes had come to know very well, he began to produce crawler tractors, shovels, ploughs, bulldozers, rippers, flatbeds and machines for the wine sector.



foto del registro della Camera di Commercio di Reggio Emilia del 1953 / photo of the Chamber of Commerce of Reggio Emilia register from 1953

Ognibene Power was officially registered at the Chamber of Commerce as a sole proprietorship a few years later, in 1953.


foto di Olmes Ognibene che sfila sul trattore da lui costruito / photo of Olmes Ognibene parading on the tractor he built

It all began in the 1950s in Fosdondo di Correggio (Reggio Emilia, Italy), in the workshop where Olmes Ognibene invested his first earnings, using his ingenuity and passion for mechanics to build his first tractor at only 25 years of age: Carioca. Which he presented at the Correggio trade fair on 1 May 1948.

A family of 1,600 people


m in revenue




patent families


m vehicles outfitted


trademark families


m invested in manufacturing

Seventy years of history, one owner:
the Ognibene family.

A company is only as strong as its foundation. Our company has grown, reinvented itself and, through constant research into hydraulic systems, has brought innovation by building on the solid ground of a clear vision, a strong mission and unshakable values.

Our vision


«At Ognibene, we are intent on continuing to expand our business globally, focusing competitiveness on the evolution of innovative technologies and on our strengthening of our strategic role in the market. We believe in the profoundly collaborative work of our teams and what it can do to elevate us to higher levels of excellence in the future.»


Offering superior quality products and services is the road to stay close to customers. We achieve this closeness by responding to their needs when it comes to products, but also by being the partner that invests in proximity as the strategy for a sustainable manufacturing process from start to finish.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers around the world.


We are committed to growth and results with the awareness that we have a high responsibility toward the environment and the local community.


We are devoted to creating and developing long-lasting relationships, offering customers superior quality services to support our products on a global level.

Our guiding principles are:
• Teamwork and mutual trust at every level of the organization
• Constant improvement at every stage and in every activity
• Risk analysis and prevention of problems before they manifest

Our values

Our values are what we care about, what we believe in, and are the basis of our decision-making and our priorities. To the outside world, they are the reflection of who we are.


The distinctive values that set us apart are:
• Passion
• Integrity
• Quality
• Commitment
• Innovation

Customers that have chosen Ognibene Power

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