Opower Hydraulic Systems (Jiaxing) Co. Ltd. 2024 Annual Ceremony

Welcome to Opower Hydraulic Systems 2024 Annual Ceremony!

An event dedicated to our OHS’s employees in Jiaxing. In fact, on Friday, March 1st, 2024. We held our Opower Hydraulic Systems 2024 Annual Ceremony: an occasion to thank all the people who are the driving force behind Opower and who every day contribute to the company’s growth.

Thanks to the core team for their amazing opening performance which was a wonderful prelude to our ceremony. We also have a deeper understanding of company’s achievements, challenges, major ongoing projects and future development plans after our General Manager – Mirko Belli’s excellent speech.










The employee of all departments also made their wonderful performances.

On the ceremony, we were acknowledging and rewarding star employees who have excelled in the past year. This is not only a recognition to their work, but also a reward to their dedication and efforts.

The company has also prepared a very large number of benefits and surprises for everyone who were present on the scene.

Just like the theme of this ceremony, “Together, we can”; together we can overcome countless challenges and create one miracle after another. This spirit of unity and cooperation is our most valuable asset. “Together we can”, it‘s not only a phrase, but also an affirmation of the efforts and unlimited potential of each and every one of our colleagues.

What a night! Wish everyone all the best in 2024!

Find out more here: watch the video and the photos!