Active power steering – APS

Active power steering valve for agriculture and construction equipment, and autonomous vehicles


The APS is an advanced steering valve model developed by Ognibene Power after carrying out meticulous design, research and experimentation. The dual displacement is user-selectable, meaning that a selectable steering ratio is available according to the driver’s needs, with effort always reduced under emergency conditions.


This power steering unit features:

  • Selectable double displacement
  • Comfort and agility at low vehicle speed
  • Stability and accuracy at high vehicle speed
  • Full-time-self diagnosed (optional)


Open center Non-reaction (ON)

Open center Reaction (OR)

Load sensing Non-reaction (LS)

Load sensing reaction (LSR)

Close center Non-reaction (CN)

Technical features

Dual displacement mode From 120cm³/rev up to 440cm³/rev

(7,32in³/rev to 26,85in³/rev)

Single displacement mode From 60cm³/rev up to 125cm³/rev

(3,66in³/rev to 7,62in³/rev)

Flow, recommended 5-50l/min

(1,32-13,20 US Gal/min)

Maximum steering pressure  210bar 


Maximum back pressure 40bar 


Low steering torque From 0,8 to 3,0 Nm

(7,08 to 26,55 lbf·in)

Low noise

One or more built-in valve functions Relief valve, shock valves, suction valves, check valve in P line and in LS line
In case of emergency the steering unit switches automatically to single displacement mode 

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