Comfort steering unit – CSU

Small and low-weight steering valve for gardening vehicles and sweepers


The CSU steering valve is an open center torque amplifier specifically manufactured for turf care and sweepers with the aim of making these vehicles more versatile and more user-friendly.


In addition, CSU works as mechanical connection between steering wheel and steered wheels


This steering unit features:

  • No need of hydraulic steering cylinder to operate
  • Can operate at high speeds and in any ground condition
  • Guarantees precise steering and effective directional control of the vehicle.

Technical features

Displacement 70cm³-100cm³


Input steering torque 0,8 ÷ 3 Nm

7,08 ÷ 26,55lbf ·in

Maximum operating pressure 55bar


Max output torque 50Nm


Spare parts available

Seal kit

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