Double gerotor steering unit – STD

Double gerotor steering unit for agriculture and construction equipment, sweepers, and autonomous vehicles.


The STD is a steering unit with the very high reliability and safety features, suitable for high load vehicles with high speed to comply with legislation for emergency steering without the emergency steering pump.


The double gerotor set automatically switches from an emergency steering mode (only 1 gerotor is active in case of no power assistant/pump failure) to a normal steering mode where both gerotors work. Emergency reaction time combined with very precise steering controllability and a haptic feeling meet the highest standard of safety also for on-road applications.


This steering unit is featured by:

  • Ratio up to 7
  • Best steering controllability
  • Very high performance and reliability
  • Low noise


Open center Non-reaction (ON)

Open center Reaction (OR)

Load sensing Non-reaction (LS)

Load sensing reaction (LSR)

Close center Non-reaction (CN)

Technical features

Displacement at full oil supply  From 120cm³/rev up to 460cm³/rev

(7,32in³/rev to 28,07in³/rev)

Displacement in manual steering without pump oil supply  From 60cm³/rev up to 125cm³/rev

(3,66in³/rev to 7,62in³/rev)

Flow, recommended  5-50 l/min

(1,32-13,2 US Gal/min)

Maximum steering pressure  210bar 


Maximum back pressure  40bar 


Low steering torque From 0,8 to 3,0 Nm

(7,08 to 26,55 lbf·in)

One or more built-in valve functions Relief valve, shock valves, suction valves, check valve in P line and in LS line

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