DPS™ Digital Power Steering

Digital Power Steering is a cutting-edge steering system for off-highway vehicles designed and developed by Ognibene Power.


The system received the EIMA International Innovation award 2018.


It offers superior driving ergonomics, optimum human-machine interaction, and customizable personal settings.


What makes DPS™ different from conventional steering systems?

  • It is very compact and does not require a redo of the vehicle’s configuration.
  • It improves the vehicle’s maneuverability thanks to haptic (tactile) feedback on the steering wheel, steering wheel return in forward and reverse (auto-centering), speed-dependent steering assistance, and programmable driving rules (synthetic boost-curve).
  • It enables direct connection to GPS guidance systems (with field mapping) without the need for any additional external steering system.
  • The driver can override GPS steering at any time and take control of the vehicle in any situation.

Off-highway vehicles equipped with integrated DPS™ have a steering system fully type-approved for on-the-road use and designed to achieve performance levels AgPLd (ISO 25119) or PLd (ISO 13849).


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