DPS6 Redundant Digital Power Steering

Redundant Digital Power Steering overrides the conventional steering system of off-highway vehicles. This:

  • improves maneuverability
  • enables use of GPS and autonomous driving systems without any additional external steering system


The six-phase motor (two independent three-phase units), driven simultaneously by two ECUs, ensures redundancy: if one channel fails, it is possible to steer the vehicle for a few minutes even without the driver on board using the remaining channel (ECU + 3 phases).


The driver has the option to override the system and maintain full steering control through the steering wheel in any situation.


DPS6 is suitable for autonomous driving with dual three-phase actuation and control system.


Vehicles factory-equipped with a DPS6 system are type-approved for on-road use. Each of the two channels of the DPS6 (ECU + 3 phases + resolver) is designed to achieve performance level AgPLd or PLd (ISO 25119 – ISO 13849).


DPS6 has 5 main benefits:

  • Synthetic boost curve
  • Speed-dependent steering assistance
  • Direct integration with GPS
  • Active steering wheel return in forward and reverse (meeting ISO 10998 for speed >40kph)
  • Autonomous driving-ready in a compact space


Personal settings:

  • Free programmable steering rules (Synthetic Boost Curve)
  • Non-Reactive/Reactive parametric functions
  • Active haptic feedback on steering wheel (machine-to-driver communication vibration)
  • Comfort and agility at low speed; very low torque, high return speed
  • Stability and accuracy at high speed; optimal steering wheel centering torque
  • Active wheels and steering wheel return in forward and reverse
  • Easy joystick or miniwheel integration
  • Easy auto-guidance integration (GPS)
  • Easy interface with vehicle

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