E-Shape steering unit – STE

Compact steering unit for agriculture and construction equipment, gardening vehicles and sweepers


STE is an e-shape steering unit that has a tailored body and ports connections shape for piping and space optimization.


It is a cost-effective, alternative solution for low power tractors and turf care machines where the standard ST/STV ports position do not fit in the cab’s overall dimensions and where the specific application requires a very compact steering unit design and shape.


This steering unit features:

  • Value engineering tailored design
  • Compact and flexible dimensions
  • Easy integration


Open center Non-reaction (ON)

Open center Reaction (OR)

Technical features

Displacement 30cc – 80cc

(1,83in³/rev to 4,88in³/rev

Flow, recommended 5-15 l/min

(1,35-3,96 US Gal/min)

Maximum steering pressure 140bar 


Maximum back pressure  20bar 


Low steering torque From 0,8 to 3,0 Nm

(7,08 to 26,55 lbf·in)

Built-in valve functions Relief valve, check valve in P line

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