Electric wheel phasing – EWP

Electric wheel phasing for forklifts and sweepers


EWP is a patented technology where the steering unit is able to actively compensate the misalignment between the steering wheel and the wheel angle, features mainly requested in forklift and material handling applications.


EWP features:

  • Layout optimized for cab installation
  • Easy integration
  • Wheel Phasing Functionality
  • Low noise


Open center Non-reaction (ON)

Open center Reaction (OR)

Load sensing Non-reaction (LS)

Load sensing reaction (LSR)

Power Beyond Non-reaction (PB)

Close center Non-reaction (CN)

Technical features

Displacement 50-400 cm³

(3,05-24,41 in³/rev)

Flow, recommended 5-50 l/min

(1,32-13,20 US Gal/min)

Maximum steering pressure 190bar 
Maximum back pressure  40bar 
Low steering torque From 0,8 to 3,0 Nm

(7,08 to 26,55 lbf·in)

Low noise

Built-in valve functions Relief valve, shock valves, suction valves, check valve in P line and in LS line

Spare parts available

Seal kit

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