eRCSA Redundant Electromechanical Steering Actuator

eRCSA is a redundant electromechanical steering actuator for on-road off-highway vehicles designed and developed by Ognibene Power as an alternative to hydraulic steering cylinders.


Dual three-phase permanent magnet motor provides steering redundancy: if a motor fails, the electric actuator will switch to the other motor and continue to ensure steering control.


eRCSA allows for efficient and smooth driving from zero to maximum speed and was developed to meet performance level AgPLe (ISO25119/EN16590).


What makes eRCSA different from hydraulic or electrohydraulic steering cylinders?


  • High efficiency, also due to its high battery saving capabilities (depending on battery’s duty cycle)
  • Driving comfort and agility at low speeds, stability and accuracy at high speeds
  • Multifunction steering wheel, different steering input devices (steering wheel with encoder/joystick/mini-wheel) and free placement of input device with enhanced driver ergonomics
  • Smart programmable steering rules and smart and programmable electronic control with synthetic boost curve
  • Fast Steering: variable/programmable steering ratio
  • Wheel and steering-wheel auto-centering, in forward and reverse
  • Easy integration of GPS guidance systems
  • Excellent safety features (reduced steering angle based on speed or other vehicle parameters), highly reliable (low-maintenance due to lack of pressurized oil) and advanced fault detection system

Quick installation and negligible labor costs

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