In-line priority valve – VPL

In-line priority valve for agriculture, material handling and construction equipment, and gardening and autonomous vehicles.


The VPL is an in-line priority valve i installed between the steering pump and steering unit in load sensing hydraulic circuits for machinery efficiency optimization.
It manages the flow from the pump, always giving priority to the steering system with respect to the other working hydraulics.


VPL priority valves are available for static and dynamic LS steering systems and feature:

  • High Performance with low pressure drop
  • Wide flow range
  • Low noise
  • Flexible layout for easy integration

Technical features

Flow, rated  Up to 120l/min Up to 31,7 US Gal/min
Maximum system pressure 250bar 3625psi
Spring rate Up to 10bar  Up to 145psi
Hydraulic circuit  Static and Dynamic version 

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