Mini steering unit with side ports – STMS

Small and low-weight steering valve for agriculture, material handling, gardening and construction equipment, and marine applications.


The STMS is a small and low-weight steering unit that merges STM compactness and interface features with side oil ports shape for a best flexibility in cab assembly.


This steering unit features:

  • Side Oil ports with integrated fittings
  • Possibility to connect the unit directly to the steering wheel
  • Low Noise
  • High corrosion resistance for boats and marine applications


Open center Non-reaction (ON)

Load sensing Non-reaction (LS)

Power Beyond Non-reaction (PB)

Technical features

Displacement 20-100 cm³


Flow, recommended 3-20l/min

(0,79-5,28 US Gal/min)

Maximum steering pressure 150bar 


Maximum back pressure  20bar 


Small dimensions and low weight

Rear oil ports

Low steering torque From 0,5 to 2 Nm

(4,43 to 17,70 lbf·in)

Low noise

Built-in valve functions Relief valve, shock valves, suction valves, check valve in P line and in LS line

Possibility of integrated steering column

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