Ognibene Power can offer tailor-made solutions to all its Customers thanks to its extensive experience in power steering systems.
The satisfaction of our Customers is actually the core value of our Vision and we care about cooperation and day-by-day relationship with them.
Basing on Customers’ needs our engineers are able to examine projects’ feasibility, design and develop the most suitable product for each specific application and make it real, first of all through the manufacturing of prototypes, turning a mere idea into something tangible.
The continuous monitoring of both production processes and materials and the tests performed on the preliminary samples grant the final quality and integrity of every new Ognibene product, as well as the compliance to the international standards.
Nowadays Ognibene Power is proud to be a Company not only able to understand current market trends of its sector, but also to anticipate and establish them.

A hydraulic actuator is a device aimed to enable and assist the opening or closing of a valve. Ognibene Power actuators  automate the whole steering process, minimizing the human interaction with the valve package.

Power steering units are devices installed to help vehicles' drivers steering. Ognibene Power steering units are developed to increase the wheel steering power, while considerably reducing the human physical effort when driving.

Steering columns connect steering wheel and steering unit in a vehicle and are an essential part of the whole hydraulic power system. Ognibene Power has started a productive cooperation with the market leading company MMX S.r.l. in order to enter the market with integrated steering systems, designed and manufactured according to the highest quality standards.

Ognibene Power continuously invests in Research and Development, adding new features to its products and developing cutting-edge solutions with the aim to enhance user driving experience.