Ognibene Intelligent Flow Digital Power Steering (DPSiQ™) is the combination of a superimposed electrical actuator and a variable flow steering system for off-highway vehicles. This system improves maneauverability (with a customized variable steering ratio) and enables the use of GPS and autonomous driving without any additional external steering system.

The vehicle is equipped with DPSiQ™ from factory, so it is a fully homologated steering system for on-road and off-road use. The driver has always the possibility to override the system and keep full control of the vehicle through steering wheel, in any situation.

Excellent driving ergonomics, customizable handling and steering ratio and clear response are also crucial and DPSiQ™ provides these features for the first time in off-highway vehicles.

Key features and main benefits are:

• Native auto-guidance integration (GPS)

• Variable/programmable steering ratio (Fast Steering)

• Multifunction steering wheel integration (12 o’clock position)

• Non-reactive/reactive parametric functions

• Automatic realignment of the wheels and the steering wheel in forward and reverse

• Synthetic Boost Curve with torque shaping

• Haptic/Tactile feedback on the steering wheel (Machine to Driver Communication-Vibra)

• Personal settings: comfort and agility at low speed, stability and accuracy at high speed

• Easy integration in the cabin and simple interface with the vehicle

• Joystick or MiniWheel easy integration

• Low torque needed (max 3.5 Nm) to override the steering wheel rotation and “Hands on Wheel” fast detection

DPSiQ™ system is designed to reach AgPL (ISO 25119 ) or PL (ISO 13849) performance level.