Priority valves in-line (VPL) and flanged-on (VPF) are used
in steering systems with load sensing units. In load sensing
system, steering always has priority.
Priority valve are available for static and dynamic steering
During the steering, the flow is distributed in the priority
valve so that the necessary uantity of oil to steer is directed
to the CF (controlled flow connection; while the remaining
oil flow is directed to the EF (excess flow connection.

About Steering Units

The steering unit is part of the hydrostatic power steering system. Usually the steering unit is connected to the steering wheel through a steering column. During the steering, the steering wheel moves a gear with outer cogs which has an orbital movement respect to the outer toothed gear. Inside the steering unit, the rotor, which has the function of volumetric dosing unit, releases an amount of oil that is proportional to the turning angle made by the steering wheel.