Ognibene Power Hybrid Steer By Wire (HSBW) overlaps the traditional steering system of off-highway vehicles, decoupling steering wheel from steered wheels, improving maneuverability and enabling the use of GPS and autonomous driving without any external steering system, thanks to motor redundancy.
The vehicle is equipped with HSBW when first manufactured, so it is a fully homologated steering system for on-road use.
HSBW is designed to reach AgPLe or PLe performance level (ISO25119 - ISO 13849).
It provides parametric synthetic boost curve to the driver and variable/programmable steering ratio. When needed, GPS and auto-guidance systems can be directly connected to the Hybrid Steer by Wire.
Thanks to the decoupling clutch, the driver has the possibility to override the system and keep full control of the steering through the wheel whenever he wants to.

Titolo Sezione

Since 2000, the company has been concentrated on the globalization of its activities.
The first step, in 2005, was the launch of the production plant in Brazil; the factory in India opened the following year, while the production facility in China became operational in 2007. In 2010 a logistics and distribution office was established in the US. In order to further develop its commercial and after-sales network, at the beginning of 2014 Opower K. K. was established in Osaka, Japan.
Ognibene Power supplies the world's leading manufacturers of on and off-highway vehicles, specializing in power steering systems and mechatronic components for agricultural and construction machinery. It also ranks at the highest level in the global market as a significant supplier of power steering systems for forklifts, road cleaning vehicles, gardening equipment and boats. The company relies on advanced research and state-of-the art development departments, as well as endurance test departments and testing fields for vehicles.