Ognibene Power can rely on a state-of-the-art Research & Development department based in the Headquarters of Reggio Emilia, able to develop innovative design and constructive solutions and to anticipate market needs. The department includes a highly specialized test area aimed to validate the products before their placing on the market.
It carries out validation tests, in order to certify the products’ compliance to project and safety requirements.
Ognibene Power can perform endurance and pulsar tests, moreover it has rooms for controlled temperature and vibration tests available, so to grant that the final products are highly performing also under extreme conditions.
Open fields for complete vehicles testing are also available.
Ognibene Research & Development department refers to innovative activities in developing potential new services or improving existing production processes.
A dedicated team of application engineers work out personalized solutions for specific customer needs.
Our technicians explore advanced technologies and advanced manufacturing processes, safety certifications, specialized embedded software, computer-aided design software, electronic designs and mechanical subsystems to grant our OEM customers innovative and tailored product solutions for their special applications.
The Company makes this strong effort to achieve future growth and maintain relevant and state-of-the-art product in the market.

We invest in our passion

R&D is different from most activities of the operation processes. The research and/or development is not performed with the expectation or goal of immediate profit, but it is focused on long-term profitability. The company commits a deeply effort in order to produce the newest, most sought-after products, investing on progress and technological discoveries.