Research & development

Innovating and investing to bring a comfortable and high-performance steering experience

Every time we set out to design a product we have a clear goal in mind: easing the operator’s work through safe and comfortable steering systems.


It takes a lot of resources, time and money to innovate. What’s more, giving the market something it has never seen before has a destabilizing effect on both the manufacturer and buyer, so every transformation comes with its initial pain points.


Our belief in the importance of allocating resources to research & development and verification & validation, which are critical in any company, is what makes developing, testing, integrating and commercializing increasingly advanced and higher performance steering systems possible.


Technological progress is what drives these two departments and the reason why Ognibene Power makes sure innovation is always front and center in the solutions it brings customers.

Our Research & Development

We want to make off-highway vehicles drive like a car as well as bring to market solutions that fit into tighter and tighter spaces. This has necessarily led to a reorganization of our R&D department.


The department is located at our headquarters in Reggio Emilia and houses a specialized area for design and development of mechatronic systems where we create electric/electronic and control systems to the highest standards of safety, performance and technology.

Verification & Validation processes



The verification and validation process is a crucial part in the development, validation and consolidation of Ognibene Power products.


The V&V department is located in our headquarters in Reggio Emilia and takes part in every stage of the project: requirement analysis, development and testing, implementation on the vehicle, and on-the-field deployment of the product.


This procedure gives the department the transferable skills it needs to analyze and rectify critical issues that might arise during the product’s life cycle, from design to deployment on the field.


With a testing area of over 10,800 square feet (1,000 m2), 30 test benches, and a staff of 10, the V&V department has the flexibility to respond to any need in real time, whether technical or other, and is available to support the in-house team as well as customers.