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Ognibene Group has grown through passion and hard work.
It has invested in its future, in technological innovation and in the development of the best solutions for its business.
Thus, the commitment to quality, environment and safety of all the stakeholders provides the base for the Group priorities.


Ognibene Power is continuously focused on safety within the workplace,

whose main goal is reaching zero injuries through preventive actions and proactive attitudes.

The Company firmly believes in the great importance of involving its employees in this mission, according to their competences and personal know-how.

Dedicated and variegated working teams were created to carry out all the necessary activities and programs aimed to progressively lower unsafe events. The method is to focus on attacking critical areas and consequently extend successful practices to the whole plant.

Quality according to Ognibene Power is about making the Group perform at its best through products, services, systems and processes improvement, in order to be able to satisfy its Customers with the highest service level. The Company’s quality policies rely on regular and specific trainings for all its employees aimed to:

  • promote employees awareness and involvement;
  • integrate environment protection and growing business by minimizing and keeping under control the impact of its activities;
  • document and standardize operative methods in order to keep efficiency level at its maximum and scraps at their minimum;
  • monitor performances through regular internal audits.

Sustainable development is a philosophy ensuring that the needs of the present are met without compromising future generations’ ability to meet their ones.

Environment is everyone’s heritage and Ognibene Power is firmly committed to protect it and manage all its activities in its respect.

The Company has adopted the principles of social responsibility and sustainable development. The daily challenge that arises is integrating environmental protection with continuous economic growth and current business development.